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Shopping a Lugano by Pamela Pintus

Lugano essendo praticamente sul confine italo-svizzero presenta caratteristiche simili della Lombardia sia nel territorio, nella cucina che nella cultura. Oggi è considerata il terzo centro più importante dell'intera nazione, nonché uno dei più amati da noi italiani. I suoi punti di forza sono la vista sul lago, l'architettura via dello shopping!  Si sa che in ogni città che si rispetti c'è sempre una via principale dedicata ai negozi e alle compere, così come c'è sempre una zona storica che racchiude le più belle ricchezze artistiche e architettoniche.

Culture in Ticino by Pamela Pintus

The Swiss region of the Canton of Ticino can be an interesting and stimulating destination both from a naturalistic point of view and in terms of art and culture. In fact, there are many appointments that are renewed every year at the museums and places of interest in the main cities of this canton, as well as are particularly varied activities and events planned this year for the coming months. Locarno, Chiasso, Bellinzona and Lugano, in addition to offering the opportunity for relaxing holidays, thanks to the presence of the beautiful Alps with breathtaking views, also offer the opportunity to participate in numerous activities, exhibitions and events to experience a day of culture. The offer reflects, in a certain sense, the very variety of the Canton: from the imposing structure of the  LAC with a full daily program of events, to the smaller and more intimate exhibitions, suitable for a selected public. Don't forget, then, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso in Locarno, in whose museum you can admire precious works of art, or the Castelgrande in Bellinzona with its medieval shows or the natural Amphitheatre of the marble quarries in Arzo. In just over half an hour by car you can easily move from Chiasso to Lugano, while in an hour from Lugano you can reach Locarno to visit, in the same day, the largest number of places of interest in the Canton.

100 Years Bauhaus - Carl Weidemeyer in Ticino

Carl Weidemeyer is known above all as the architect of the San Materno Theatre in Ascona, which has been preserved in its entirety to this day, also thanks to the exemplary renovation completed in 2009 under the direction of the architect Guido Tallone, who has preserved all the valuable details of the building (e.g. its surprising internal polychromy). But Weidemeyer is also and above all a versatile and productive artist: painter, sculptor, printmaker, illustrator, graphic artist, designer of toys, furniture and other objects. A rich testimony to his work can be found in the Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna in Ascona, which acquired the Carl Weidemeyer collection in 1995, a comprehensive body of paintings, graphic works, drawings, sketches, plans, architectural designs and written documents with a total of over 3300 elements.

100 anni Bauhaus - Carl Weidemeyer in Ticino

Carl Weidemeyer è noto soprattutto come l'architetto del Teatro San Materno di Ascona, che si è conservato nella sua interezza fino ad oggi, anche grazie all'esemplare ristrutturazione completata nel 2009, sotto la direzione dell'architetto Guido Tallone, che ha conservato tutti i preziosi dettagli dell'edificio, come ad esempio la sorprendente policromia interna. Ma Weidemeyer è anche e soprattutto un artista versatile e produttivo; egli è anche pittore, scultore, stampatore, illustratore, grafico, disegnatore di giocattoli, mobili e altri oggetti. Una ricca testimonianza della sua creatività la si trova nel Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna di Ascona, il quale ha acquisito la collezione Carl Weidemeyer nel 1995, un corpus completo di dipinti, opere grafiche, disegni, schizzi, piani, progetti architettonici e documenti scritti per un totale di oltre 3’300 elementi.

100 Jahre Bauhaus - Architekt Carl Weidemeyer im Tessin

Carl Weidemeyer ist vor allem als Architekt des Theaters San Materno in Ascona bekannt, das bis heute in seiner Gesamtheit erhalten geblieben ist, auch dank der 2009 abgeschlossenen vorbildlichen Renovation unter der Leitung des Architekten Guido Tallone, die dem Gebäude all seine wertvollen Details (z.B. seine überraschende innere Polychromie) erhalten hat. Doch Weidemeyer ist auch und vor allem ein vielseitiger und fruchtbarer Künstler: Maler, Bildhauer, Druckgrafiker, Illustrator, Grafiker, Designer von Spielzeug, Möbeln und anderen Gegenständen. Ein reichhaltiges Zeugnis seines Schaffens befindet sich im Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna in Ascona, das 1995 den Bestand Carl Weidemeyer erwarb, ein umfassendes Korpus von Gemälden, druckgrafischen Werken, Zeichnungen, Skizzen, Plänen, architektonischen Entwürfen und schriftlichen Dokumenten mit insgesamt über 3300 Elementen. 

Zeitgemässes Wohnen: Ökologische, moderne & extravagante Villa im Tessin am Lago Maggiore

Nachhaltig, energieeffizient, strahlungsarm und im Einklang mit der Natur, das sind die weltweiten Herausforderungen unserer Zeit. Egal, ob an Industriestandorten oder beim Bau von Wohnraum, ein ökologisches Umdenken muss einfach in allen verantwortlichen Köpfen ankommen, denn die Klimaveränderungen können nicht mehr vom Tisch gewischt werden. Des Weiteren ist der Wunsch nach verantwortungsvollem und ökologischem Wohnen stark gestiegen. Denn auch der Einfluss von giftigen Baumaterialien und Elektrosmog beeinträchtigen die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden. Ein gutes Beispiel möchten wir uns heute genauer ansehen. Die ökologische Villa mit eigenem Wald in Brione sopra Minusio am Lago Maggiore ist ein durch und durch ökologisches und damit nachhaltiges Einfamilienhaus. Wir fragen die Besitzer, ein deutsches Ehepaar, zu ihrer Geschichte und die Idee hier am Lago Maggiore, im Tessin eine ökologische Villa zu bauen.

La futura abitazione per la sua collezione d’arte in Ticino?

Una nuova tendenza si sta propagando in tutto il mondo, quella di collezionisti che allestiscono abitazioni stravaganti per le loro collezioni d'arte. Prendiamo l’esempio della miliardaria e collezionista polacca Grazyna Kulczyk; nella remota Susch, località montana in Svizzera, la signora Kulczyk ha acquistato un monastero medievale e, ampliandolo per mezzo di uno scavo di 9000 tonnellate di roccia sotto gli edifici esistenti, lo ha trasformato in "Muzeum Susch", uno spazio espositivo e museale unico al mondo. L'inaugurazione è avvenuta lo scorso 2 gennaio 2019.

Nature in Ticino by Pamela Pintus

The southern canton of Switzerland manages to conquer everyone with its charm and intrigue thanks to its unique and original lifestyle. The main features of Ticino are its mild climate (with over 2,160 hours of sunshine a year), the Mediterranean flair thanks to the proximity of this region to Italy, the palm trees that characterize the long lake of Locarno, the particularly pleasant valleys, the artistic and architectural beauty of churches in typical Romanesque style and the picturesque streets that end in pretty and lively squares. 

Das zukünftige Zuhause für Ihre Kunstsammlung im Tessin?

Ein neuer Trend sorgt weltweit für Schlagzeilen: Sammler schaffen extravagante Locations für ihre Kunstsammlung. Nehmen wir zum Beispiel die polnische Milliardärin Grazyna Kulczyk: Im abgelegenen Susch, ein Ort in den Bergen in der Schweiz, kaufte Frau Kulczyk ein mittelalterliches Kloster. Sie vergrösserte die Räumlichkeiten in dem sie 9.000 Tonnen Gestein unter den bestehenden Gebäude aushob und ausbaute. So ist ein einzigartiges Ausstellungszentrum, das „Muzeum Susch“ für Weltgeschichte entstanden. Eröffnung war am 2. Januar 2019.

The future home for your art collection in Ticino?

A new trend makes headlines around the world: Collectors creating extravagant homes for their art collection. Take Polish billionaire and collector Grazyna Kulczyk:  In remote Susch, mountain location in Switzerland, Mrs. Kulczyk bought a medieval monastery and, by enlarging it through excavation of 9’000 tons of rock underneath the existing buildings, transformed it into “Muzeum Susch”, a unique exhibition and museum space thus making story around the world. The opening was on 2nd January 2019.

Local Real Estate Professional Attended Global Luxury Real Estate Conference

Local real estate professionals Ueli Schnorf, Iradj Alexander-David and Massimiliano Kapeen of Wetag Consulting joined an accomplished group of real estate leaders from around the world at the Luxury Portfolio Agent SUMMIT on February 18 – 20, 2019 at the Wynn Las Vegas. The invitation-only event was open exclusively to sales associates who specialize in the high-end market and whose firms are affiliated with Luxury Portfolio International®,the luxury division of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. 

La natura in Ticino by Pamela Pintus

Le principali caratteristiche del Ticino sono il clima mite (con le oltre 2’160 ore di sole all’anno), il flair mediterraneo grazie alla vicinanza di questa regione con l’Italia, le palme che caratterizzano il lungo lago di Locarno, le valli particolarmente ridenti, le bellezze artistiche e architettoniche di chiese in stile tipico romanico e le pittoresche vie che terminano in graziose e vivaci piazze. Tuttavia le Alpi e le sue maestose vette non sono mai lontane, rendendo questa splendida regione un posto particolare e di incantevole bellezza. 

The Daily Telegraph: Make the most of an Alpine autumn

Between the summer sun and winter sports, these Swiss resorts show off their multi-coloured beauty, says Zoe Dare Hall. Swiss resorts, like all Alpine destinations, are increasingly talked about these days in terms of their dual-season appeal. It's part of the push to get visitors and property buyers to see them as a summer destination as much as a place that's about hurtling down snowy slopes in winter. But the real star of the show is autumn. The vast, multi-colored land-scapes - and lack of crowds - make this the most Instagrammable of seasons, yet it's still something of a secret. Think deep, glassy blue lakes and flame colored trees, hazy sunlight that bathes the valley floor and white-capped mountains beyond hills of brilliant the green.

Wetag Consulting featured in Luxury Portfolio International® Magazine Fall 2018

A gorgeous luxury villa in Locarno for sale represented by Wetag Consulting is featured in the fall edition of the Luxury Portfolio International® Magazine, now available online and coming soon on newsstands in 60+ countries/regions around the globe. Produced biannually by the real estate network Luxury Portfolio International®, the publication highlights extraordinary homes from around the world and shares insights on luxury lifestyle and housing trends.

34th edition of JazzAscona Time to fully immerse in jazz, blues & New Orleans on the shores of Lake Maggiore

Ascona is always worth the trip, but during the 10-day jazz festival it’s almosta must! Here one of the major world events dedicated to jazz and New Orleans Beat takes place - and JazzAscona proposes an enthusiastic New Orleans experience with over 180 concerts, jam sessions and events, the best musical productions from the delta city and a culinary taste of Louisiana specialities. The Mississippi on the shores of Lake Maggiore!