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Countdown to the 71st Film Festival of Locarno

With just a few days to go before the start of Locarno71 some Festival venues will be lit up earlier, with an eagerly awaited double advance screening on Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 July. The lights for this year’s first screenings will be switched on in Piazza Grande, at the GranRex and – as early as Friday 27 July – in the spaces of the #LocarnoExperience.

Vallemaggia Magic Blues

This little big open air festival presents a series of blues music concerts featuring both national and international bands in the most suggestive squares of Vallemaggia. Thanks to the original concept, which married quality music and stunning locations, this 'itinerant' festival has found itself a secure place among the most important music events in the region.

Moon & Stars '18 - Anastacia, James Blunt, Sarah Connor, Sunrise Avenue, Gianna Nannini and and and ...

9 days of pop-rock music in one of the most spectacular squares of Europe: Piazza Grande in Locarno. The well-known Moon and Stars Festival will take place in this unique setting, where international stars of the music industry perform in front of thousands spectators. The great concerts, the flawless organization and the magic of the location make of Moon and Stars a top event.

Estival Jazz Mendrisio 40th edition - A heady cocktail mixing jazz, in all its various flavours

A heady cocktail mixing jazz, in all its various flavours , combining blues, pop, soul, rock and world music, for a unique event in Europe. The spectacular comprises a series of free open air concerts, offering the thousands of fans filling squares of Lugano and Mendrisio the chance to admire the performances of hugely renowned international artists.

8th edition of LongLake Festival in Lugano

From 28.06.2018 to 01.08.2018 - A wide ranging programme, almost completely free of charge that really suits all tastes. For a month of great outdoor entertainment enjoy the street artists, concerts, perfomances and family events. The beating heart of the Lugano summer is once again the LongLake Festival. Over 250 events and outstanding guests will enliven the city, its squares, streets and parks each and every day for almost a month.

Mario Botta. Spazio Sacro.

Der Tessiner Architekt Mario Botta ist mit seiner Ausstellung "Mario Botta. Spazio Sacro." in der Städtischen Pinakothek Casa Rusca vom 25. März bis 12. August 2018 zu sehen. Die Ausstellung findet in den Räumlichkeiten der Pinakothek und im eigens zu diesem Anlass im Hof errichteten beeindruckenden Pavillon  statt. Zum allerersten Mal werden 22 Architekturen aus verschiedenen Ländern wie der Schweiz, Italien, Frankreich, Israel, Ukraine, Südkorea und China präsentiert.

Wetag Consulting представляет: OZERO KOMO открывает окно в Швейцарии

14 мая, под патронатом Торгово-промышленной палаты Италии и России, российский журнал «Озеро Комо» впервые представил свой новый выпуск за рубежом - в Швейцарии. Как всегда, с целью продвижения территории и культуры, Озеро Комо выбрал великолепный монастырский дворик музея ЛАК, чтобы раскрыть редакционные новинки своим гостям. Праздник стал настоящим российским днем, благодаря участию театра моды «Образ», прибывшего непосредственно из Сибири - где получил российскую национальную премию в качестве лучшей театральной компании.

34th edition of JazzAscona Time to fully immerse in jazz, blues & New Orleans on the shores of Lake Maggiore

Ascona is always worth the trip, but during the 10-day jazz festival it’s almosta must! Here one of the major world events dedicated to jazz and New Orleans Beat takes place - and JazzAscona proposes an enthusiastic New Orleans experience with over 180 concerts, jam sessions and events, the best musical productions from the delta city and a culinary taste of Louisiana specialities. The Mississippi on the shores of Lake Maggiore!

Wetag Consulting presents: Golf Senior Cup 2018 in Ascona on Lake Maggiore

Every year when springtime starts, it is the awakening of outdoor activities in Ticino. On April 5th 2018, Mr. Urs Ries, Captain of the Senior Section at Golf Club Patriziale in Ascona, invited 40 senior members to a springtime golf competition sponsored by Wetag Consulting, Finest Real Estate in Ticino, Switzerland. The 18 holes golf course that occupies 50 hectares is one of Switzerland’s best golf courses and is located right on Lake Maggiore in Switzerland with its length of 5324 meters.

Picasso – A Different Gaze

Although Pablo Picasso certainly received more public exposure than any other artist in the history of XXth century, he is paradoxically perhaps also the most enigmatic. Art historian Maurice Rheims, appointed by the French government to document the artist’s personal belongings after his death, discovered more than 45’000 unknown pieces...


Sie gehören zu den besten Weinen der Welt, ihr Weingut «Tenuta dell’Ornellaia» geniesst Kultstatus. Erleben Sie in der Küche des Restaurant La Brezza einen exquisiten Abend. Mediterrane Spezialitäten von Chefkoch Salvatore Frequente (17 GaultMillau Punkte), kombiniert mit Le Volte, Le Serre Nuovo und Ornellaia, serviert am Ort des Geschehens.Ab in die Küche, fertig, los!

Wetag Consulting представляет недвижимость: Наш старый новый год

Любимый всеми русскими праздник с непонятным для иностранцев названием «старый Новый год», похоже, превратился в международный. В который раз в казино «Кампионе д`Италия» состоялся грандиозный гала-вечер The Russian Old New Year, организованный компанией Garbo Management SA. Наш журнал – неизменный медиапартнер этого события, не первый год объединяющего не только русских, живущих в Италии и Швейцарии, но также ярких, успешных, веселых людей многих национальностей. Те, кто хоть раз праздновал в ночь с 13 на 14 января знаменитый Vecchio nuovo capodanno в «Кампионе», неизменно приходят вновь, чтобы весело встретить Новый год по старому стилю.

In concert: Hagen Quartett / Jörg Widmann clarinet at 25th January at LAC - Lugano

German composer and clarinettist Jörg Widmann is the protagonist of this January concert. The renowned musician has already been artist-in-residence in Dubai, Mainz and Bamberg, as well as the Rheingau Festival. Together with the famous Salzburg-based quartet lead by the Hagen Brothers (Lukas and Clemens play two Stradivarius instruments, sister Angelika a Maggi viola), Widmann will present two quintets...

Soloists of the Byzantine Academy at LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura on Thursday 21th December 2017

In the course of the Lugano concert at Thursday21 December at LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Dantone will lead us to Venice at the time of the birth of the modern concert, not only through the genius of Antonio Vivaldi, but also though rarer but no less refined works by Tomaso Albinoni, Baldassare Galuppi and Giovanni Benedetto Platti, a Padua composer considered to be one of the inventors of the sonata form.

Exclusive luxury real estate symposium held in Bordeaux, France brings together European real estate leaders

Mr. Schnorf / Owner, Iradj Alexander-David / Director Locarno & Ascona and Kevin Quast, Marketing & PR Manager with Wetag Consulting, attended the European Real Estate Network (EREN) member symposium, which took place 9th and 10th November in Bordeaux, France. Open only to members of EREN, an exclusive network of prestigious independent real estate companies focused on high-end property sales, the member symposium attracted professionals from across Europe. EREN Bordeaux affiliate, Maxwell-Baynes, hosted the symposium.